Michael T. Williams / Director

Legal Tender (2019/2020)

a queer hypnosis made of poems and movement; a cross-country astral trip through smalltown gay bars and newsrooms; a series of guided meditations on hustling, schlock, and the breaking points of reality

— in development —

Lead Artist, Poetry, Performer-Creator: Kyle Dacuyan

Directors: Michael T. Williams and Francesca Montanile Lyons

Choreographer-Performer-Creator: Andalyn Young

Created by: Antigravity Performance Project

ANT Fest Photos (Above and Below) by Danny Bristoll

Dear Diary LOL (2017/2018)

Co-Directed by Francesca Montanile Lyons and Michael T. Williams

Comedic theatre born verbatim from the real-life tween-teen diaries of the show's creators.

Antigravity's devising ensemble of high-octane funny women invites you to cringe, laugh, and cry at their most earnest desires, deepest fears, secret shames, and terrible poetry written as coming-of-age girls in the late 90s and early 2000s. Co-created and performed by Kelly Conrad, Alicia Crosby, Nikki Hudgins, Jessica Johnson, Francesca Montanile Lyons, Jenna Strusowski, Megan Thibodeaux, and Michael T. Williams. Lead Artist: Francesca Montanile Lyons. Photos by Garret Allen and John C. Hawthorne.

Review: “Francesca Montanile Lyons is also the director of this time capsule theater experience along with Michael T. Williams. I found their directorial choices to be inspired, with mountains of comedic blocking brilliance. They chiseled away any excess to go right to the jugular of the societal commentary. Their choreography of the “dance” of a young girl’s life is mesmerizing and you can’t help but project yourself into the familiar settings – the 13th birthday party, the talent contest, the classroom, the slumber party, the first kiss. These emerging artists are pulsating with talent and their directorial vision deserves a standing ovation.”

The Hopefuls: A Punk Election Fantasia (2016)

Directed by Michael T. Williams / Lead Artist: John C. Hawthorne

A political rally/house party. A convention/concert. A punk election fantasia.

Raucous nonpartisan political insanity, featuring infectious musical takes on topics like gerrymandering and campaign finance, appearances from presidential candidates and founding fathers, and hyper-patriotic imagery. Co-created and performed by John C. Hawthorne, Sara Vanasse, Francesca Montanile, and Jenna Strusowski. The Hopefuls: A Punk Election Fantasia directed by Michael T. Williams. Music and lyrics by John C. Hawthorne. Lead Artist: John C. Hawthorne. Photos by Alicia Crosby.

The Hopefuls were a punk band with political predilections and presidential pretensions from Philadelphia, PA. facebook.com/hopefuls2016

Surge Protector (2016)

Directed by Michael T. Williams, Pig Iron School MFA ‘Catapult’ Thesis Festival

A playful and perverse look at electricity, connectivity, and single motherhood.

In a word-less terrain of images, Surge Protector explores one woman’s fears, desires, and fantasies, for herself and for her children, in a world that is not always certain or fully illuminated.

Co-created and performed by Lauren Harries, Oliver Jane, Lydia Kincaid, Sara Vanasse, and Jessica Creane. Artistic Advisor: Nichole Canuso.

I Left Something Behind (2015)

Directed by Michael T. Williams, Pig Iron School’s ‘Dares’ Festival

A nostalgic love-song swallows two old men from Philadelphia in an eclipse of lives not led.

Co-created and performed by Francesca Montanile Lyons and Johanna Kasimow

Nellie/Nellie (2014/2020)

Directed by Michael T. Williams, Antigravity Performance Project

A collaboration between composers, literary writers and physical theatre creators inspired by investigative journalist Nellie Bly’s 1887 exposé ‘Ten Days in a Mad-House.’

This genre-bending piece, driven by original music inspired by torch songs, turn of the century Americana, and chamber opera, is at once funny, gritty, graceful and heartbreaking as it magnifies and twists Bly's account to the edge of sanity. Told from the perspectives of two unreliable versions of Nellie Bly competing for control of the story (one as the band’s lead vocalist, the other a separate performer as the lead actor in the “on stage” story), Antigravity transforms a sensationalist, socially-minded, feminist writing on the treatment of the mentally ill into a gutsy music-dance-theatre work.

Co-created and performed by Alicia Crosby, Johanna Kasimow, Alex Kryger, Francesca Montanile, Megan Thibodeaux, Sara Vanasse, Michael T. Williams, Andalyn Young, Ilse Torlin Zoerb, Noah Levine, Michael Costagliola, Kyle Dacuyan, and Ned Riseley. Photos by J.J. Tizio.

Broad Street Review praised Nellie/Nellie for its “extraordinary physical performances” where the “fearless dance ensemble rolls, leaps, collides, contorts, and slams into the walls and pillars of the Broad Street Ministry’s sanctuary.” Phindie noted Nellie/Nellie for its “imagination and whimsy” concluding with a “maddening desire to see what’s next for Antigravity.

Coach Darling (2013)

By Krista Knight / Directed by Michael T. Williams

a cautionary tale on parental neglect

Williamstown Theatre Festival Workshop 2013

CAST: Mike Goldstein, Jessica Cannizzaro, Tommy Bernardi, Michael Strauss, Timothy Thompson

PRODUCING STAFF: Laura Savia - Director of the Workshop, Patti Anne Miller - Line Producer, Steven Simalchik - Production Manager, Laura Epperson - Apprentice Coordinator, Alex Crawford - Workshop Intern

A New Brain (2009)

By William Finn and James Lapine / Directed by Michael T. Williams

2009: Produced by Brown U’s Musical Forum at Production Workshop, Musically Directed by Jacob Combs, Choreographed by Matt Bauman and Liviya Kraemer, Media Design by Sarah Kay, Brown U’s Weston Award for Excellence in Directing.

Additional Projects


Project   |   Position   |   Producer   |   Year


Legal Tender+   |   Co-Director   |   Ars Nova’s ANT Fest/Antigravity/FringeArts HPFS Festival   |   2019/20

Dear Diary LOL+   |   Co-Director   |   Antigravity/FringeArts/New Ohio Theatre   |   2017/2018

The Addams Family   |   Director   |   Brooklyn Acting Lab   |   2018

Surge Protector+   |   Director   |   UArts/Pig Iron School's 'Catapult' Festival   |   2016

Hopefuls: Punk Election Fantasia+   |   Director/Hillary Clinton   |   one-fifty1 space   |   2015/2016

I Left Something Behind+   |   Director/Co-Creator   |   Pig Iron School's 'Dares' Festival   |   2015

Nellie/Nellie+   |   Director/Co-Creator   |   Antigravity/FringeArts Festival   |   2014

Loving v. Virginia+ (dir. Patricia McGregor)   |   Assistant Director   |   Williamstown Theatre Fest   |   2013

State of the Union+   |   Director   |   Williamstown Workshop   |   2013

Poof! by Lynn Nottage   |   Director   |   Williamstown Workshop   |   2013

Coach Darling+ by Krista Knight   |   Director   |   Williamstown Workshop   |   2013

Othello   |   Co-Director   |   Trinity Rep/Nathan Bishop School   |   2013

Revelation   |   Director   |   Write Here, Write Now! Festival   |   2013

Just So Stories   |   Co-Director   |   Trinity Rep/Asa Messer School   |   2013

Behind Closed Doors+º   |   Director/Deviser   |   Trinity Rep/RICADV   |   2012

Yermedea Raw+ (dir. Kym Moore)   |   Associate Director   |   Antigravity/La MaMa ETC   |   2012

20/20 (dir. Kym Moore)   |   Associate Director   |   NYU Graduate Songwriting Program   |   2012

Romeo and Juliet (dir. Tyler Dobrowsky)   |   Assistant Director   |   Trinity Rep’s Summer Institute   |   2012

Little Spoon+   |   Co-Creator/Director   |   Blood from a Turnip/95 Empire   |   2012

Tales of the Brothers Grimm+   |   Director   |   Trinity Rep/Asa Messer School   |   2012

Tango (dir. Shana Gozansky)   |   Assistant Director   |   Brown/Trinity Rep MFA Programs   |   2012

Counting Stones+   |   Director   |   Write Here, Write Now! Festival   |   2012

My Husband+   |   Director   |   Standing on Ceremony: Providence   |   2012

Parade (dir. Talya Klein)   |   Assistant Director   |   Brown/Trinity Rep MFA Programs   |   2012

Twelfth Night (dir. Tyler Dobrowsky)   |   Assistant Director   |   Trinity Rep’s Summer Institute   |   2011

Beyond Eden (dir. Anita Maynard-Losh)   |   Assistant Director   |   Arena Stage's Downstairs Series   |   2011

Leave Your Mark+   |   Co-Director/Deviser   |   Arena Stage's Voices of Now Festival   |   2011

Grounded+   |   Co-Director/Deviser   |   Arena Stage's Voices of Now Festival   |   2011

Jomama Jones * RADIATE+ (dir. Kym Moore)   |   Assistant Director   |   Soho Rep   |   2011

Bernarda’s Backstage+ (dir. Alejandra Prieto)   |   Assistant Director   |   Winged Cranes Madrid   |   2010

El Extraño Viaje+ (dir. Gabriel Olivares)   |   Assistant Director   |   El Relo Productions Madrid   |   2010

Midsummer... (dir. Tyler Dobrowksy)   |   Assistant Director   |   Trinity Rep’s SummerInstitute   |   2010

Silly Old Bear: An Original Solo Show+   |   Director/Creator/Performer   |   Brown U's SoloFest   |   2010

A New Brain★   |   Director   |   Brown U's Musical Forum   |   2009


★ Weston Award for Excellence in Directing – Brown University

º Victims' Rights Award – Rhode Island Attorney General

 + Denotes New Work