THE HOPEFULS were a punk-political-satire band from the birthplace of America: Philadelphia, PA. John Chandler Hawthorne, Francesca Montanile, Jenna Strusowski, Sara Vanasse, and Michael T. Williams. Music Video by Born Lucky Studios. Active 2015-2016. More on The Hopefuls!

UArts/Pig Iron 'Dares' Festival. Lead Artist: Jenna Strusowski. Co-created with Francesca Montanile, Megan Thibodeaux, John Hawthorne, Alicia Crosby, Andalyn Young, and Riva Rubenoff.

'Sailing' from A New Brain. Music and Lyrics by William Finn. Accompanist: Dan DeLange.


Co-created and performed at the Pig Iron School. Kit Collins, Megan Thibodeaux, Andalyn Young, Johanna Kasimow.